Core Team

Sarah Sugarman


Sarah loves exploring all creative fields from graphic design to photography and believes it’s important to dive into different areas of expertise to achieve an overall successful design. She’s slightly obsessed with all things typography, with Gotham being her all time favorite typeface. After taking three years of calligraphy, she has also developed a knack for hand-lettering and forming letters via the old fashioned way of nib and ink.

She earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the School of Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology with the Japanese language on the side as a minor. At the end of her final year at RIT, she received a Gold ADDY and Silver ADDY award for editorial design.

When she’s not enjoying her job as a Social Experience Designer, she can often be found jamming to Lady Gaga, watching Food Network, playing video-games or getting lost in the never-ending depths of tumblr.