Core Team

Jon Long

  • Position

    Product Manager


Growing up dodging questions about the phone bill, angling for free CompuServe minutes, and comparatively analyzing myriad X-Files webrings, Jon was destined for a lifelong love affair with the internet.

As a Product Engineer at iStrategyLabs, he uses his full-stack background to invent new things, prototype future products, and conduct experiments of varying legitimacy.

Prior to landing at iSL, Jon led the front end development of National Geographic’s 2010 redesign, where he experienced some of the most amazing and surreal moments of his life.

In his spare time, Jon nurtures debatably healthy relationships with vinyl records, old scooters, and wiener dogs. A true believer in the additive power of loud riffs, good pals, and cheap beer, you can often find him towards the back of the venue, nodding along in one of the best towns for live music on Earth.