Core Team

Audrey Matthias

  • Position

    Senior Creative Strategist


Audrey is an exemplar of the new breed of internet professional – part marketing guru, part social media aficionado, part digital culture personality, her work demands an ongoing reinvention of self-expression in response to the ever-changing environment of contemporary communications technologies. As a Senior Creative Strategist, she brings a deep understanding of the social web and related tools, trends, and methodologies to clients and collaborators (having worked closely with the likes of American Eagle, Disney, and Pinkberry).

She accredits most of her daily mannerisms and occasional slip of an accent to being raised in the south <insert witty comment about her love of kentucky bourbon here>. When not at the office she can usually be found planning epic parties/dinners/ outfits/craft projects or riding her single speed blue bike up to columbia heights. The geek in her occasionally makes an appearance when she admits her deep love of infographics and witty hashtags that define socially awkward interactions. #justsayin