• Grandstand

    Grandstand is a web platform that transforms social and mobile actions (check-ins, tweets, likes, SMS) into a real-time game and prizing platform — giving any venue (restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, retail stores, conferences etc.) the ability to run promotions, drive ad revenue, and encourage the social sharing of their brand. It can also serve as a social data visualization tool for showing off your brand’s social presence in a new and unique way.

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  • Social Machines™

    Social Machines™, which is iStrategyLabs’ most recent creation, transforms real-world objects into machines controlled by social data. Brands have used our machines to turn a simple Facebook Like or Tweet into a moment of surprise and delight in their retail store or activation site. Social Machines™ are custom made and always unexpected – we’ve used FourSquare check-ins to unlock a 73-year-old fridge, and Tweets to power a “talking cake.”

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  • AdClique

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    AdClique is a social ad network providing on-demand, cost-per-engagement campaigns for the world’s biggest brands. We can amass millions of YouTube views, thousands of Facebook Fans, boat loads of petitions, and tons of app installs in a blink of an eye. Email to get a real-time market price for your campaign today, and put yourself ahead of competitors by gaining meaningful and engaged consumers and fans.  It’s dead-simple, and it works.