Social Memo: 3 Facebook NewsFeed Changes You Need to Know


Facebook has once again made major changes to it’s newsfeed algorithm in a effort to optimize the content experience of the platform. Facebook’s Blog post  highlights three major changes being implemented:

1. More content! According to Facebook, 40% of people’s time on the social network is spent in the Newsfeed. Facebook had previously limited the number of times users saw a story from the same publisher (friend or page) to once per session. However, since the majority of time is spent in a user’s Newsfeed, there started to be a shortage of new content. Now Facebook will display more content including multiple posts from the same source as long as the user is still engaged with the Newsfeed. For brands, this means a potentially greater reach as highly engaging content may appear twice (two different posts) in one Newsfeed session.

2. Friends first! Facebook will start prioritizing your friends’ updates before Pages’ stories. This could be seen as a potential decrease to Brand’s reach as these posts will be featured lower in the Newsfeed. It should be considered that if users are seeing more of their friend’s content they may be spending more time in the Newsfeed thus providing brands with potentially more reach — despite the lower positioning. Only time will tell how this change will change a brand’s reach.

3. Less is more! Facebook is lowering the rank of stories created from friend’s likes or comments on a Page’s post (in some cases choosing to not deliver the content at all). This is the biggest, most impactful change that brands will experience. The organic reach of their content will significantly decrease as the “virality” of posts are reduced to stories created only on Shares. While brands can expect to see their aggregate total reach drop, they may experience an increase in Engagement Rate as content will now be served to less interested parties.

It’s a common theme across the new Newsfeed changes that Brands will see less organic reach, but more focus on reaching people likely to engage. So while aggregate numbers may decrease if you are analyzing your content performance by rates (e.g. Engagement Rate) you may start to see a positive increase in metrics. The key takeaway here is to not focus on increasing reach, but instead to focus on increasing engagement and making sure you are publishing relevant and creative content.

Facebook Brand Battles: Coke Crushes Pepsi, Burger King Gains Ground on McDonalds, And More Epic Rivalries Revealed


If you’ve followed our blog over the years, you’ll know that we love diving into the Facebook Advertising Platform to analyze and report on everything from Facebook Demographics to Fascinating Social Media Statistics. This year, we’re releasing a quarterly report on key brand rivalries on Facebook, looking at their quarterly growth and share of Brand Affinity, i.e. “people who have expressed an interest in or like pages related to a [Brand]”.

Check out the Q1 report & key insights below, and stay tuned for the Q2 update this Summer!

Brand Battles Final

Top Insights:

1) Burger King crushed McDonalds in terms of “% Q1 growth” with 50% growth versus 10% growth. Burger King still lags far behind McDonald’s in overall percent share of brand affinity but The King is gaining ground quickly.

2) While Starbucks remained stagnant, Dunkin Donuts grew by almost 19% in Q1, closing the gap on share of brand affinity as well.

3) Coke maintains its dominance over Pepsi, with 70% share of brand affinity and more than 2x Q1 growth and overall brand affinity.

4) Domino’s saw a sharp decline in brand affinity, likely due to their rebrand from Domino’s Pizza to Domino’s, as affiliated pages of “Domino’s Pizza” were altered and no longer roll up into the top line number reported here.

5) Visa’s impressive Q1 growth (36.4%) also comes around the same time as its Costco deal (supplanting American Express as the retail warehouse giant’s credit card partner). Well played. 

NOTE: As these #’s are pulled directly from the Facebook Advertising platform (In January and again in April 2015), we can’t account for potential factors such as fake profiles, timing of algorithm changes, deactivated accounts, or accounts of the recently deceased. Email if you want the complete data set.


The 9 Awesome April Fools Pranks That Need To Happen But Didn’t

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.23.23 PM

April Fools is pretty much our favorite holiday of the year, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help some of our favorite brands pull off some killer pranks. Check out our 9 “must happen” ideas below:

1. Snapchat: SnapchatRoulette — Stranger Danger (But Just for a Second)

SnapchatRoulette is the latest release from Snapchat, Inc. — allowing you to send and receive snaps without knowing where they are going or who they are coming from. What could possibly go wrong?


2. Uber Pool — Ride The Wave, On Demand

You never know when you’re going to need to throw an emergency pool party, impress your friends by doing a cannon ball, or just sit and ponder life while floating in chlorinated water. Good thing Uber just released UberPool – order one and a pool hitched to a truck will be headed your way in minutes.


3. Netflix: OITNB’s Wearable Ankle Bracelet — Making Incarceration Arrestingly Luxurious

Just because you’re in jail or can’t go more than 50 feet from your home doesn’t mean you should live like a prisoner. This trendy ankle bracelet has a pedometer to track your distance from your house, ApplePay for all your commissary needs, and even alerts you when parole officers or guards (#Pornstache) are approaching.


4. Nike: Nike Lounge Wear — Don’t Do It

Casual wear for couch-sitting and lazy-sundaying that will make you look like you could be an active human being… even though you’re definitely not. (Included: Sweat wicking technology perfect for intense binge watching of True Detective.)


5. PBR presents ZipCan: You Literally Can’t Drink It Fast Enough

Conveniently unravels with a single zip to get the beer out of the can as quickly as possible… so you can… see it before it falls all over the ground.


6. Tinder Platinum: Because Famous People Have Game, and You Don’t

If Tinder Pro isn’t cutting it for you and you can’t figure out why – upgrade to Tinder Platinum and select from a variety of celebrities to speak entirely on your behalf. Your profile image will automatically be replaced with Ryan Gosling, as he greets your swipe rights with his famous “Hey girl.” Drake will be all “I can’t get over you. You left your mark on me…” and stuff.


7. Chanel: Rich Nuns of Instagram — Rolling in Bills and Blessings

@Richkidsofinstagram is so 2014. Let’s cut to the chas(t)e — this new handle shines a light on those women who are as pure as the diamond rosary around their necks.



8. HBO (or TechCrunch!): Pied Piper launch — From T.V. Series to Series A Financing

Pied Piper, a fictional multi-platform technology based on a proprietary universal compression algorithm, has capitalized on it’s brand awareness and is pleased to announce it has raised $40,000,000 in venture capital.  They will be opening an office in the Pavlina Plaza Shopping Center and beginning work on a universal compression algorithm. Coming Summer 2015.


9: Abercrombie & Fitch Patchwear: Next Level Distressed Denim

If ripped jeans aren’t exposing quite enough skin, try A&F’s new Patchwear line. Simply stick on patches of raw denim to your bare legs. It’s like a flash tat, but different. Available in high rise and boot cut.



What’s Trending On Facebook? A Touchscreen Visualization Of The Trends API, Live At F8!


We’ve recently been named a Facebook Media Solutions Partner, and have been working on multiple projects for Facebook from hardware prototypes to data visualization. We’re excited to unveil our latest work: a real-time touchscreen data visualization of the Facebook Trends API, live right now at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference.


Our visualization is a depersonalized view of the most popular conversations happening around the world on Facebook, using the Trends API to show the top conversations across nine different categories: Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Science, Technology, Health, Disaster, Strange, Celebrity, Crime, and Lifestyle.

It’s a JavaScript based web app that pulls data from three Facebook API’s (Trends, Topic Insights, Graph) and displays them in a beautiful WebGL environment with touchscreen interface. Here’s how it works:

Visitors see a universe of Trending topics:


Visitors click into a Trend:


Visitors tap on posts to see contributing content:


Visitors can also browse and filter by category:


Check out some more photos of the visualization in action at F8:


Social Memo: Facebook Organic Reach Isn’t Dead – 5 Tips To Increase Your Reach!


Before we begin, if you missed last month’s social memo, give it a read as it lays the foundation for this next installment. Here we go!

Facebook Organic Reach is not dead. Here are 5 tips you can use to increase your reach. 

1) Stop producing promotional content.

If you’re currently filling your Facebook Page’s content calendar with coupons, direct sales, or highly promotional content then it’s time to stop.

2) Learn what your fans actually like.
If you are creating content just because you think you should, with no real strategy and no conception of what your fans will actually respond to, you’re doing it wrong. Page Managers need to periodically perform social audits to see what type of content is generating the most engagement.

Additionally, Page Managers have access to Facebook Audience Insights — a tool that gives great information on fans’ demographics, occupations, locations, and other relevant Facebook pages. Use these resources to your benefit and leverage the data to generate content that will better resonate with your fans.

3) Utilize Influencers
You need to start valuing the impact an Influencer can make on your social reach. Influencers are social media mavens that have created a strong following in both quantity and quality. Influencers can really add to your efforts towards expanding your social presence as that Influencer has already done so much work to create their following and develop trust with their fans. So, when they share your content those fans will at least give it a chance as it was pushed to them from a reliable source.

4) Make sure your fans are following you
Have all of your email subscribers liked your page? What about your Twitter followers? What about repeat customers? You are most likely missing out on some organic reach because not all of your fans are Facebook fans. Send out an email to your most loyal customers asking them to like you on Facebook. See if you get a increase in likes. If you do, you are increasing your potential organic reach!

5) Buy Ads to Increase Fan Affinity! 
Whoa whoa whoa! We are talking about organic reach, right? Right. So why am I telling you to go and spend money? Well, you need to understand how Facebook works. One of the key elements of Facebook’s Edge-rank algorithm is the principal of Affinity. This is essentially how connected a fan is to your page and content. If a fan is constantly liking or sharing your content they will have a higher affinity for your page and thus continue to see your content.

Lets say you haven’t done the best job pushing quality content to your page and/or you’ve been spending too much of your time publishing overly-promotional advertisements. This has created a lower affinity for your page. Now you’ve learned the errors of your ways and are ready to create some killer quality content (possibly based off the data you gained from learning about your audience, read: Tip 2). That “bad” content has done some serious damage to your page’s affinity score, so even though you are putting better content on your page, your fans may not see it. This is because of the amount of inactivity they have had towards your page’s previously poor content.

This is where a smart ad-buy can get you back in the game. By putting money behind your best content and targeting your audience, you can rebuild the affinity with your fans thus increasing your organic reach.