USA Network’s Mr Robot Campaign: Reclaim Control. Delete Your Debt. Live on Twitch.

Mr Robot Hacks E3

[Updated: Read the Business Insider Coverage Here]

We’ve been working furiously over the past few months to execute a first of its kind campaign to promote USA Network’s new show Mr. Robot. We’ve hacked Twitch and E3 — the biggest video game streaming platform and conference respectively. We’re deleting over $100,000 in consumer debt in real time. What’s not to like? Visit and have a look at some of the campaign creative the ISL team has been jammin’ on. We will be live from our studio in Washington DC from 6/18 to 6/20 (6PM – 12AM EST), join us! Check out some of our design assets and shots of the set below:










The Latest Products and Creative Campaigns Blowing Our Minds


Over the years, we’ve diligently tracked the latest and greatest products, technology, experiments, stunts, and campaigns that truly inspire us. We’ve even formalized an internal review every few weeks to ensure nothing is missed. In an effort to share our inspiration with the world, here are some of our most interesting, wildly creative findings. Enjoy!

Extinguish Fire With Sound: 

Right in our backyard, GMU students created a prototype for putting out fire with bass (read no treble). 2016 headlines could very well read: “Diplo puts out forest fire, saves lives.”

S7 Airlines “Imagination Machine”: 

What if your imagination could physically take you to places you’ve never been before? The Imagination Machine tests the power of the mind by asking users to “fly” a virtual plane towards their dream destination via incredible focus and boundless imagination.


Widerun designed a fully immersive VR biking experience for those needing an extra boost of motivation at the gym. With its interactive 3D cycling journey, Widerun allows users to feel like they’re cycling through real places, ranging from Rome to the Great Wall of China.

The Holocube:

Spearheading the next generation of window displays, the Holocube is a 3D platform that projects a character or 3D model from an iPad, accentuating its appearance and creating a sleek 3D effect. Check out Holocube’s vast array of projection platforms here!

The Hammerhead:

A navigation tool used exclusively for bikers, the Hammerhead curates the safest route for cyclists via intuitive LED signals, effortlessly directing riders to their destination.

Telescopic Contact Lenses:

Swiss researchers have developed cutting edge telescopic lenses designed to boost vision threefold. While originally conceived to treat vision impairment, you can see how this zoom-in technology could be applied to optimize sculptures, surgeries, or even covert operations…think 007! Read more about it here.


A new high-tech device making noise in the wearable industry, NailO is an unobtrusive wearable sensor that converts the user’s thumbnail into a wireless track pad allowing users to easily maneuver devices remotely. Check it out below!

Interactive Midi DJ Deck: 

Novalia worked with DJ Qbert to create touch-sensitive interactive DJ decks — bridging the physical and digital space with some solid beats. All you have to do is hook up the midi deck and DJ controller to the iOS app and then scratch, mix or fade any song you want by loading it into the deck’s software.

Suntory Whiskey 3D On The Rocks: 

Instead of having your whiskey served on the rocks, imagine having your whiskey poured over a miniature ice-sculpted Statue of Liberty? Japanese agency TBWA used inverse 3D printing to replicate the most intricately crafted landmarks and characters out of a block of ice. Cheers to never having an adequate glass of whiskey again.

 The Dolmio Pepper Hacker: 

Your smoked salmon omelette finally arrives but you can’t dig in until your friends finish gramming a perfectly filtered #brunch pic. Annoyed? Enter Dolmio’s Pepper Hacker. This covert pepper grinder powers down wifi-enabled devices, allowing you to get back to your uninterrupted bff bonding time!

 The Lily Camera: 

Ever wanted the spotlight on you during your epic, once-in-a-lifetime kind of moments? Introducing the Lily Camera, an HD camera flying drone that follows you around, taking incredible aerial 360-degree selfies of your most exciting adventures!

Cultural Strategy: How Brands Can Become Cultural Icons

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.50.38 AM

Cultural Brand Strategy is the link between creative and strategy that can elevate brands, campaigns, and creative work to achieve a culturally iconic status.

These creative executions side-step conventional marketing value propositions and categorical benefits — in favor of positioning Brands to address, disrupt, and resolve specific cultural tensions in a social context.

Often ‘snuck in’ by agency creatives and missing from explicit client creative direction — Cultural Strategy provides the basics of how to identify, create and execute creative in a more consistent, culturally relevant way.

Originally advanced as academic theory by Douglas Holt in How Brands Become Icons, he partnered with Douglas Cameron to create Amalgamated Marketing Agency to apply those concepts for real Brand campaigns, and provides case studies in the follow-up text Cultural Strategy.

Often ‘snuck in’ by creatives, Cultural Strategy isn’t typically outlined in existing Brand positioning statements or conventional marketing vision. Rather, powerful narratives — ‘cultural myths’ from ‘populist worlds’ — capitalize on cultural values, tensions, and collective ideologies to deliberately position Brands at the center of a specific cultural context.

In this presentation, learn how brands like Corona, Coke, Nike, Volkswagen, and Red Bull play the role of ‘cultural activists’ to advance an iconic brand story.

Famous ads like Coke’s ‘Hilltop’ (1971), Nike’s “If You Let Me Play” (1995), and Volkswagen’s “Lemon” (1959) provide a historic context for how Brands have executed on cultural strategy in the past — and examples like Red Bull and American Apparel show current brands that co-author cultural and advance cultural myth on behalf of the Brand.

Read more in the deck above, or click to view and download on Slideshare.

Now Accepting Applications for Design Interns!


iStrategyLabs is on the hunt for new and talented design interns! The position provides an agency-wide experience with a focus on design production for one of our biggest clients. Your day to day responsibilities, like assisting in studio photoshoots and set-ups, prop curation and acquisition, and social media content design, will amount to a standout resume. If you’re passionate about design and excited about learning the agency ropes, please send a portfolio and resume to our creative director, Zach Goodwin at We look forward to hearing from you!

The Perfect Candidate:

•  Knows Adobe Creative Suite like the back of their hand
•  Has Mac proficiency
•  Is comfortable using fancy Canon DSLRs (specifically Canon 5D Mark 3)
•  Has basic photo/video editing abilities
•  Is a cool person, you cannot be lame

Position Details:

•  3 month commitment
•  9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday
•  Weekly Stipend
•  School Credit available

Bonus Skills:

•  Studio photography
•  Illustration
•  Web/UX skills

2014 Mobile Year In Review


Hello Internet, For the 5th year, we worked with DC based Mobile Future to recap the state of mobile technology from the year 2014. Using visual design and some really cool animation to highlight interesting data + statistics, we put together the following video. Enjoy! Some of our favorite stats include:

  • Global mobile data traffic grew by 81% this year.
  • 19 million connected wearable devices will have shipped by the end of the year.
  • Wireless carriers invested a record $33 billion in wireless infrastructure in 2014.
  • The Brazil vs. Germany World Cup game was the most tweeted sports event in history.
  • 2014 saw Queen Elizabeth II send her first tweet from a tablet.
  • Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscar selfie crashed Twitter by garnering over one million retweets.

If one year in review isn’t enough, check out 2013, 2012, 2011 and  2010.