Dev Digest: Our 20 favorite engineering updates from last week


Recently, our development team, Antimatter, codified a set of values that represent the team’s culture. One of these values is to pursue and share knowledge which helps us stay up to date with the fast-paced tech community and helps each other become better engineers.

So, I put together a list of updates that I’ve found last week that are relevant to our engineering work. I grabbed them from various places around the internet, including Open Web Platform Daily Digest, HTML5 Weekly, JavaScript Weekly, and Pycoder’s Weekly. Also, I perused through our #antimatter Slack room history for the past week to find fun and interesting links.

These are, in my opinion, the most relevant resources out of the bunch. Some are fun, some are technical, all are awesome. I’ve done my best to organize them from the most approachable to the super nerdy. Without further ado, Here’s the first release! Hope you find them useful, enjoy reading! Let me know what you think!

Dev Digest:

The 9 Awesome April Fools Pranks That Need To Happen But Didn’t

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.23.23 PM

April Fools is pretty much our favorite holiday of the year, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help some of our favorite brands pull off some killer pranks. Check out our 9 “must happen” ideas below:

1. Snapchat: SnapchatRoulette — Stranger Danger (But Just for a Second)

SnapchatRoulette is the latest release from Snapchat, Inc. — allowing you to send and receive snaps without knowing where they are going or who they are coming from. What could possibly go wrong?


2. Uber Pool — Ride The Wave, On Demand

You never know when you’re going to need to throw an emergency pool party, impress your friends by doing a cannon ball, or just sit and ponder life while floating in chlorinated water. Good thing Uber just released UberPool – order one and a pool hitched to a truck will be headed your way in minutes.


3. Netflix: OITNB’s Wearable Ankle Bracelet — Making Incarceration Arrestingly Luxurious

Just because you’re in jail or can’t go more than 50 feet from your home doesn’t mean you should live like a prisoner. This trendy ankle bracelet has a pedometer to track your distance from your house, ApplePay for all your commissary needs, and even alerts you when parole officers or guards (#Pornstache) are approaching.


4. Nike: Nike Lounge Wear — Don’t Do It

Casual wear for couch-sitting and lazy-sundaying that will make you look like you could be an active human being… even though you’re definitely not. (Included: Sweat wicking technology perfect for intense binge watching of True Detective.)


5. PBR presents ZipCan: You Literally Can’t Drink It Fast Enough

Conveniently unravels with a single zip to get the beer out of the can as quickly as possible… so you can… see it before it falls all over the ground.


6. Tinder Platinum: Because Famous People Have Game, and You Don’t

If Tinder Pro isn’t cutting it for you and you can’t figure out why – upgrade to Tinder Platinum and select from a variety of celebrities to speak entirely on your behalf. Your profile image will automatically be replaced with Ryan Gosling, as he greets your swipe rights with his famous “Hey girl.” Drake will be all “I can’t get over you. You left your mark on me…” and stuff.


7. Chanel: Rich Nuns of Instagram — Rolling in Bills and Blessings

@Richkidsofinstagram is so 2014. Let’s cut to the chas(t)e — this new handle shines a light on those women who are as pure as the diamond rosary around their necks.



8. HBO (or TechCrunch!): Pied Piper launch — From T.V. Series to Series A Financing

Pied Piper, a fictional multi-platform technology based on a proprietary universal compression algorithm, has capitalized on it’s brand awareness and is pleased to announce it has raised $40,000,000 in venture capital.  They will be opening an office in the Pavlina Plaza Shopping Center and beginning work on a universal compression algorithm. Coming Summer 2015.


9: Abercrombie & Fitch Patchwear: Next Level Distressed Denim

If ripped jeans aren’t exposing quite enough skin, try A&F’s new Patchwear line. Simply stick on patches of raw denim to your bare legs. It’s like a flash tat, but different. Available in high rise and boot cut.



What’s Trending On Facebook? A Touchscreen Visualization Of The Trends API, Live At F8!


We’ve recently been named a Facebook Media Solutions Partner, and have been working on multiple projects for Facebook from hardware prototypes to data visualization. We’re excited to unveil our latest work: a real-time touchscreen data visualization of the Facebook Trends API, live right now at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference.


Our visualization is a depersonalized view of the most popular conversations happening around the world on Facebook, using the Trends API to show the top conversations across nine different categories: Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Science, Technology, Health, Disaster, Strange, Celebrity, Crime, and Lifestyle.

It’s a JavaScript based web app that pulls data from three Facebook API’s (Trends, Topic Insights, Graph) and displays them in a beautiful WebGL environment with touchscreen interface. Here’s how it works:

Visitors see a universe of Trending topics:


Visitors click into a Trend:


Visitors tap on posts to see contributing content:


Visitors can also browse and filter by category:


Check out some more photos of the visualization in action at F8:


Mr Robot Hacks SXSW – A Promo for USA Networks New Series


Official Trailer

Mr Robot Hacks SXSW Recap

What better way to launch the new USA Network hacker series, Mr. Robot, than to hack SXSW.


image1Mr. Robot took SXSW by storm and created an experience that not only launched the show to the public, but also promoted the pilot screening at SXSW, and drove interest online through social. In order to spread the word, we accessed SXSW’s beacon network in four key locations that broadcasted a predetermined message to peoples’ phones when they were in proximity of the devices; this gave attendees a sense that Mr. Robot was watching their activity and helping them “hack” SXSW.

In addition to these beacon push notifications we deployed 30 “hackers” on the ground to execute a curated schedule of choreographed vignettes, which garnered festival wide attention from SXSW attendees — sparking conversation and prompting social media interactions (a lot of selfies were taken). IMG_4014

Throughout the four days of activations, the Mr. Robot hackers handed out “White” and “Black” cards to passersby. White cards were informational, and guided attendees to open the SXSW app in order to receive push notifications from Mr. Robot. White cards also served as a prompt for social amplification; selfies taken with a hacker earned participants a black card. Black cards were $10 vouchers redeemable at participating SouthBites food trucks, the Intercontinental Stephen F’s Bar & the Hideout Cafe.

Our efforts paid off, garnering nearly three million impressions  generated by the campaign online. The beacon pushes made a significant portion of the 30,000+ person SXSW festival keenly aware of Mr. Robot’s  premier on USA Network, ultimately driving people to the show’s premiere screening at the Vimeo Theater. The show went on to win the festival’s 2015 Film Audience Award for Episodic.  More soon!

image1 image4 IMG_1435 IMG_3087 IMG_4011 IMG_4015

Beardswipe Named Finalist in 2015 Shorty Awards


Beardswipe is a finalist in the 7th Annual Shorty Awards. It’s not a hoax.

ICYMI: For April Fools 2014, iStrategyLabs launched a “product” called BeardSwipe — a mobile application that allows bearded men to easily access their devices by simply rubbing their phones against their facial hair. #BecauseBeards

The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter and social media. We’re up against Ikea, Ford, Chester Cheetah and more.

Wish us luck! Our facial follicles are tingling with excitement.