iStrategyLabs Named Washington Post Top Workplaces 2015


We’re honored to learn that ISL has been named a Washington Post Top Workplaces 2015 company! If you’re interested to see why, have a look at our 2015 culture reel here and some details about our benefits and culture below:


  • 100% of Health, Dental, Vision premium paid by ISL
  • 50% of premium for family paid by ISL
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Catered lunch and stocked fridge
  • WMATA commuter benefits
  • 17 Paid Company Holidays
  • Unlimited Vacation & Sick Days
  • Professional development and training support
  • 401K


  • We’re big on diversity (more here)
  • We work hard, and smart and care about each other
  • We’re pro-dog and pro-nap (more here)
  • We have an insane amount of fun, documented (here)
  • We’re big in the community and support others everyday


This past year ISL took over 17,000 square feet of space at in the historic Wonderbread Factory (and setup a satellite office in NYC). We have the entire ground floor of the building and built it out to our own custom spec. It’s a wonderland for invention and creativity. There’s nothing else like it in the region!

USA Network’s Mr Robot Campaign: Reclaim Control. Delete Your Debt. Live on Twitch.

Mr Robot Hacks E3

[Updated: Read the Business Insider Coverage Here]

We’ve been working furiously over the past few months to execute a first of its kind campaign to promote USA Network’s new show Mr. Robot. We’ve hacked Twitch and E3 — the biggest video game streaming platform and conference respectively. We’re deleting over $100,000 in consumer debt in real time. What’s not to like? Visit and have a look at some of the campaign creative the ISL team has been jammin’ on. We will be live from our studio in Washington DC from 6/18 to 6/20 (6PM – 12AM EST), join us! Check out some of our design assets and shots of the set below:










Social Memo: 3 Ways Twitter Is Crafting A “Newsfeed” Timeline


Back in late 2014 Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto stated that Twitter would eventually look into changing its content delivery system from a strict chronological timeline to something more akin to Facebook’s Newsfeed. Noto expressed how implementing such a feature would help alleviate the issue of top content being buried and make the Twitter experience more relevant for the end user. Fast-forward to mid 2015; Twitter has yet to make the full switch, but there have been gradual changes to the platform that will ultimately make the transition feel less jarring to users.


Check out the three ways Twitter has started to craft a “Newsfeed” Timeline:

1) Better Data!

Twitter has always lagged behind Facebook in regards to providing insightful post and page performance data. However, continued updates to the Twitter analytics platform have helped to close this gap. One of the most significant updates made is to the “Impressions” metric, which now counts the times the Tweet is served in the timeline natively or in search results. This makes the Impressions metric more comparable to Facebook’s Impression metric. This is significantly better than the accumulation of all followers of accounts who Retweeted the Tweet, a metric Twitter once depended on as its Impressions total. Having more accurate Impressions information will give Content managers a better idea of how many individuals are actually seeing each piece of content.

2) While you were away…

Launched earlier this year on the iOS Twitter app — and now fully rolled out to the Web interface — the “while you were away” feature resurfaces relevant, most engaged content to the top of your timeline that you may have missed since your last login session. These Tweets (typically three to five) appear to be pulled into this feed based on the Twitter’s Retweets and Favorites metrics. While only a feature now, one can easily see how this feature could expand to become a Newsfeed-like implementation to Twitter’s timeline.

3) Showing Top Tweets in Search

When performing a search on Twitter, by default, users are brought to the “Top” section, which sorts Tweets by top engaged content rather than chronological order. This is yet another example of Twitter transitioning timelines and seeding content in a way that isn’t chronological.


As of today it is estimated that 6,000 tweets are published every second which equates to 350,000 tweets per minute or 500 million tweets per day. With that amount of tweets being published and currently no method of filtering to the current timeline it makes sense that Twitter is slowly marching towards the same conclusion Facebook came to which is establishing a algorithm to determine what content to feature to a user. It not only makes Twitter’s platform more timely and relevant to the end user but also adds potential value to Twitter’s ad product.

The Latest Products and Creative Campaigns Blowing Our Minds


Over the years, we’ve diligently tracked the latest and greatest products, technology, experiments, stunts, and campaigns that truly inspire us. We’ve even formalized an internal review every few weeks to ensure nothing is missed. In an effort to share our inspiration with the world, here are some of our most interesting, wildly creative findings. Enjoy!

Extinguish Fire With Sound: 

Right in our backyard, GMU students created a prototype for putting out fire with bass (read no treble). 2016 headlines could very well read: “Diplo puts out forest fire, saves lives.”

S7 Airlines “Imagination Machine”: 

What if your imagination could physically take you to places you’ve never been before? The Imagination Machine tests the power of the mind by asking users to “fly” a virtual plane towards their dream destination via incredible focus and boundless imagination.


Widerun designed a fully immersive VR biking experience for those needing an extra boost of motivation at the gym. With its interactive 3D cycling journey, Widerun allows users to feel like they’re cycling through real places, ranging from Rome to the Great Wall of China.

The Holocube:

Spearheading the next generation of window displays, the Holocube is a 3D platform that projects a character or 3D model from an iPad, accentuating its appearance and creating a sleek 3D effect. Check out Holocube’s vast array of projection platforms here!

The Hammerhead:

A navigation tool used exclusively for bikers, the Hammerhead curates the safest route for cyclists via intuitive LED signals, effortlessly directing riders to their destination.

Telescopic Contact Lenses:

Swiss researchers have developed cutting edge telescopic lenses designed to boost vision threefold. While originally conceived to treat vision impairment, you can see how this zoom-in technology could be applied to optimize sculptures, surgeries, or even covert operations…think 007! Read more about it here.


A new high-tech device making noise in the wearable industry, NailO is an unobtrusive wearable sensor that converts the user’s thumbnail into a wireless track pad allowing users to easily maneuver devices remotely. Check it out below!

Interactive Midi DJ Deck: 

Novalia worked with DJ Qbert to create touch-sensitive interactive DJ decks — bridging the physical and digital space with some solid beats. All you have to do is hook up the midi deck and DJ controller to the iOS app and then scratch, mix or fade any song you want by loading it into the deck’s software.

Suntory Whiskey 3D On The Rocks: 

Instead of having your whiskey served on the rocks, imagine having your whiskey poured over a miniature ice-sculpted Statue of Liberty? Japanese agency TBWA used inverse 3D printing to replicate the most intricately crafted landmarks and characters out of a block of ice. Cheers to never having an adequate glass of whiskey again.

 The Dolmio Pepper Hacker: 

Your smoked salmon omelette finally arrives but you can’t dig in until your friends finish gramming a perfectly filtered #brunch pic. Annoyed? Enter Dolmio’s Pepper Hacker. This covert pepper grinder powers down wifi-enabled devices, allowing you to get back to your uninterrupted bff bonding time!

 The Lily Camera: 

Ever wanted the spotlight on you during your epic, once-in-a-lifetime kind of moments? Introducing the Lily Camera, an HD camera flying drone that follows you around, taking incredible aerial 360-degree selfies of your most exciting adventures!

Social Memo: 3 Facebook NewsFeed Changes You Need to Know


Facebook has once again made major changes to it’s newsfeed algorithm in a effort to optimize the content experience of the platform. Facebook’s Blog post  highlights three major changes being implemented:

1. More content! According to Facebook, 40% of people’s time on the social network is spent in the Newsfeed. Facebook had previously limited the number of times users saw a story from the same publisher (friend or page) to once per session. However, since the majority of time is spent in a user’s Newsfeed, there started to be a shortage of new content. Now Facebook will display more content including multiple posts from the same source as long as the user is still engaged with the Newsfeed. For brands, this means a potentially greater reach as highly engaging content may appear twice (two different posts) in one Newsfeed session.

2. Friends first! Facebook will start prioritizing your friends’ updates before Pages’ stories. This could be seen as a potential decrease to Brand’s reach as these posts will be featured lower in the Newsfeed. It should be considered that if users are seeing more of their friend’s content they may be spending more time in the Newsfeed thus providing brands with potentially more reach — despite the lower positioning. Only time will tell how this change will change a brand’s reach.

3. Less is more! Facebook is lowering the rank of stories created from friend’s likes or comments on a Page’s post (in some cases choosing to not deliver the content at all). This is the biggest, most impactful change that brands will experience. The organic reach of their content will significantly decrease as the “virality” of posts are reduced to stories created only on Shares. While brands can expect to see their aggregate total reach drop, they may experience an increase in Engagement Rate as content will now be served to less interested parties.

It’s a common theme across the new Newsfeed changes that Brands will see less organic reach, but more focus on reaching people likely to engage. So while aggregate numbers may decrease if you are analyzing your content performance by rates (e.g. Engagement Rate) you may start to see a positive increase in metrics. The key takeaway here is to not focus on increasing reach, but instead to focus on increasing engagement and making sure you are publishing relevant and creative content.