New and Improved Shop Windows take on Social Machines™ Branding


This week, we gave the iStrategyLabs shop windows a facelift with decals revolving around our Social Machines™ branding. While the project was pretty open ended, I wanted to make sure to keep the graphics simple yet fun while getting across the whimsy that is in our Social Machines product.

The decals were designed in Illustrator CS6 and were printed by Mobile Signz in Virginia. Check them out below.

Special thanks to Ace Hardware for providing a discount for storage and tools for the shop!

New York Comic Con 2012:


I’ve been an avid convention goer since 2007, but nothing could have prepared me for New York Comic Con.

Thanks to an opportunity provided by American Cosplay Paradise – a social network for those who practice cosplay and dress up as fictional characters on days other than Halloween and costume parties – I was asked to be the private escort to English voice actor and Aniplex staff member Bryce Pappenbrook.

(My excitement around this offer could likely only be represented by this gif x4)


Pappenbrook is best known for his voice work in dubbed versions of Japanese Animations such as the new hit Blue Exorcist where he portrays the protagonist, Okumura Rin. He has also done voice-overs in various video-games such as Final Fantasy: Dissidia, where he voices the infamous Zidane Tribal.

Bryce Pappenbrook and EJ from Aniplex

NYCC held a panel and a showing of the newly dubbed series, Blue Exorcist, for the first time in America. For both events, I was asked to escort Bryce Pappenbrook to the stage dressed as his character, Okumura Rin. Having dressed as Okumura before, this was an amazing experience.

Me and Bryce Pappenbrook

Aside from important convention duties, NYCC was full of entertaining things.

Below, Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. This is my poor attempt at trying to get a photo of him without having to pay $40 to do so. I’m pretty sure there were approximately 500+ people lined up to get his autograph.

And don’t forget about the amazing cosplays, that cosplayers work very hard on to achieve the utmost accuracy ;)

Adventure Time

Star Wars

Yes, that's a real human being dressed as Bumble Bee from Transformers

Mass Effect

PSY x2


Nightmare Before Christmas

Along with amazing costumes, there were plenty of inventive displays and fun merchandise.

Official art prints for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Soul Eater

Final Fantasy XIII Figurines

Playable demo of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD for iOS

The Hulk made out of Legos...what's not to love!?

David Lloyd, the mastermind behind V for Vendetta

 So until next year NYCC, it’s been real!