iStrategyLabs Opens DUMBO Brooklyn Office and More


Hi All! We’ve got a lot of exciting news over here. I’ll keep it short, so here it goes:

We’re opening an office in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC. I’m going to be leading the office and splitting my time between DC & NYC.  View from the ISL NYC roof:

[Read] Kroger has selected ISL as their Social Agency of Record!

[Read] Our Twitter SELFIE mirror went viral. Tweets a pic if you smile.

[Read] The hack above turned into an Twitter Mirror project for E3!

[Read] We’ve grown to 50+ people and are moving the DC office to the old Wonder Bread Factory. 17,000 SF of creative technology!

[Read] We’ve launched the 2nd annual Mobileys. $20,000 up for grabs!

[Read] One of our latest internet connected devices give you real-time train, bike and weather info. We call it Transit.


Kroger Taps iStrategyLabs as Social Media Agency of Record


kroger.logoOver the past few years, iStrategyLabs has steadily grown and honed its service offering to include a diligent focus on the intersection of online and off. When Kroger - America’s largest grocer and second largest general retailer with 2,640+ stores – began a process last year to find a new Social Media Agency of Record, they found what they were looking for in us.

After a competitive review, we’re proud to announce that iStrategyLabs is Kroger’s new Social Media AOR and is now responsible for all social media activities for Kroger and 10 other banner brands across the US - King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, Gerbes, Fry’s, Ralphs, Smith’s, Food4Less, Foods Co., and QFC.

We couldn’t be more excited to be working with iStrategyLabs. Their creativity, inventiveness and best-in-class social media marketing capabilities make them the perfect partner for Kroger.

- Anne Maness, Sr. Marketing Manager, Kroger

This assignment presents a big opportunity for iStrategyLabs and Kroger. If we do our best work together – we’ll be able to enhance the customer experience for millions of people, in thousands of stores everyday.

- Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs

New work for Kroger is rolling out as we speak. Check out the following:

Taste of Mexico Campaign Content:

Taste of Mexico Guac Surf Tweet

Taste of Mexico Timeline Image

Announcing Taste of Mexico on Facebook


iStrategyLabs To Take Over Wonder Bread Factory Floor


TL;DR: We’re moving to Wonder Bread Factory and we’re growing a lot (read about our thoughts on diversity, our culture, and apply here).


Almost 7 years ago, I started iStrategyLabs in my apartment in Logan circle with a few months of living expenses in the bank. It was just me and a whole lot hustle propelling this thing forward. By year 2 I got a small shared office in Dupont and hired our first 2 employees. It was perfect. A place to kick your feet up, grab a bite on the roof and get some work done by the fire.



Anticipating more growth, we moved to a full 6,200 square foot floor overlooking Dupont and felt like we’d finally become a ‘real company.’ I figured we’d have a long time to enjoy the view.


2012-10-18_1350582413 2012-12-15_1355599579 2013-03-28_1364512388 2013-04-08_1365444450 2013-04-18_1366312474

Last year we started off with about 20 full time designers, developers, strategists and makers inventing things we thought might be interesting and valuable to our clients and communities. 18 months later we’ve leapt up to 50 people and can foresee a 100 person company within the next couple years.

That means we have to move. We have to leave the epic sunsets we’ve had the pleasure to share together in this wonderful lab.


But as with any truly valuable creation, when your project has spent enough time in the lab, perhaps it should make its way to a factory so it can be shared more widely with the world.

I’m happy to announce that iStrategyLabs will be take over the historic first floor of the Wonder Bread Factory and embedding itself in the budding, historic neighborhood of Shaw (details).

At nearly 3x the size of our old space, we’ve got a lot of room to grow here.

IMG_0606 1 Picture-010-1024x682

We have a lot of flexibility too. We’re considering including:

  • A full production/manufacturing studio to accommodate our growing creative technology and hardware development work
  • A conference facility to host up to 500 people for talks on design, dev, strategy and entrepreneurship
  • A pop-up retail or speakeasy experience just for the hell of it
  • A mini-incubator for startups we believe in to use for free

We don’t yet know what we’ll do. Our build-out plans are kicking off in the next couple weeks. I do know however that iStrategyLabs at Wonder Bread will be unlike anything you’ve seen in DC and…perhaps the world.

What do you think we should do?

Diversity at iStrategyLabs by the Numbers


Both gender and ethnic diversity are hot topics in the tech and agency world for good reason – because these industries need to pay more attention to the compositions and culture of the companies they’re creating. Early on, I chose to set the tone at iStrategyLabs on this accordingly:

  • We must have a CEO & Executive Team lead a focus on diversity
  • We must be proactive w/ recruiting a diverse team (apply here)
  • We must abhor “bro/brogrammer culture” in all its forms

To date we’ve done a “good job” – but not great. I’ve shared the numbers below. Perhaps we get a B for this report card – we’re hoping to get an A one day. What do you think? N = 50.


This final chart tells and interesting story. ISL is composed of 35% white guys and 65% women or minorities. I think we’ve got some work to do on the minority front – perhaps that should be 50%? 65%? Our weakest area is on the Engineering and Executive Teams.


For comparison sake, Google just posted “Getting to Work on Diversity” which shows ISL out in front on gender and with a lower White Guys composition.


Join iStrategyLabs – Get a Free Dog or Two

isl_superbowl header

The recruiting and hiring process sucks. A great team just wants to find another great team member. Simple, right?

The B.S. associated with job boards, recruiters, posturing/positioning/perk-promoting is so tired. Got beer? Ping pong? Retreats? Dogs in the office? Blah blah blah blah. Yes. We do. We all do. There were 3 dogs in the lab yesterday – it was mayhem. Lovely, lovely mayhem.

Everything sounds the same. All design/dev shops, startups or ‘innovation studios’ look formulaic now.

It all bores me.

What doesn’t bore me is fantastic fucking people. That’s who I want to meet. That’s who we want to hire. That’s who we are.

So let’s cut the shit.

If you’re a talented designer or developer email me at so we can sync up.

You could look at our careers page if you want, but those are just boxes, right? You probably don’t fit neatly inside of just one.

If you want to get a better sense of our team, here’s a ridiculous amount of links, pics, and vids that will clarify what this place is really all about. Oh – and as the title suggest, if you join us you can either pet your new colleagues dogs or we’ll hand deliver a new pup straight to your door (hopefully from a local shelter). Not sure why we’d do this but it made for a pithy headline.

More about iStrategyLabs:

  1. We’re 48 people now. 24 Engineers and Designers (Core Team Bios).
  2. We build hardware, software, and campaigns for companies you know and love (see Clients), and have a new product incubating internally.
  3. We’re well known for inventing internet connected devices. Check these out:
  4. The Selfie Mirror
    REDD’s Launcher for MillerCoors
    SpongeBob’s Skill Crane for Nickelodeon
    The GE Social Fridge
    The Twitter Locker for Qlik
    The PiePal
    The Social Photo locker for the Redskins
    The Paintbot
  5. We, of course, do a lot of web/mobile design and dev work. You can see a bunch of that  here.
  6. We have a pro-napping policy. See the Sleeping Audrey tumblr for evidence.
  7. We do lots of fun, weird things around the lab. Our world is full of playful, creative expression. Here are some highlights:

We have all-hand internal innovation days where we hang together for a day (usually a Friday) and work on company optimization and foster new ideas.

The ISL ladies sometimes use the company “Fun Fund” to get mani-pedis. Zach, our Creative Director, has been known to join them.

We’re addicted to stickers. Each team has their own.

The ISL dogs kinda run the place.


Sometimes, we get a lot of love from the press…

We have an unbelievable view from the top floor of a Dupont Circle office building.

We’re big eaters and total coffee snobs. We eat and work together in the kitchen a lot.

Sometimes we exercise. Half the office rides their bike to work.

We do a lot of rapid prototyping with 3D printers in the lab.

It does get weird sometimes. You really never know who’ll show up to a meeting.

We take pride in punking the internet. Like when we April Fooled people with Beardswipe.

We’re heavily addicted to Uber and got a little to excited about their Uber Tree delivery service last year.

We’re also kinda fixated on hacking coolers to give us drinks.

But mostly we’re a great team who enjoys each other’s company and likes to do great work. Checkout more ISL fun on our Facebook page.

ISL Team