2014 Mobile Year In Review


Hello Internet, For the 5th year, we worked with DC based Mobile Future to recap the state of mobile technology from the year 2014. Using visual design and some really cool animation to highlight interesting data + statistics, we put together the following video. Enjoy! Some of our favorite stats include:

  • Global mobile data traffic grew by 81% this year.
  • 19 million connected wearable devices will have shipped by the end of the year.
  • Wireless carriers invested a record $33 billion in wireless infrastructure in 2014.
  • The Brazil vs. Germany World Cup game was the most tweeted sports event in history.
  • 2014 saw Queen Elizabeth II send her first tweet from a tablet.
  • Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscar selfie crashed Twitter by garnering over one million retweets.

If one year in review isn’t enough, check out 2013, 2012, 2011 and  2010.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinna-Party


The Cinnamon Toast Crunch (CTC) Cinna-Party was a two day livestreamed event where individuals played CTC-themed online games to gain points and trigger real-world activities. As players achieved specific accomplishments online they saw real-world results play out on a customized set. The Cinna-Party was a huge success — becoming the longest viewed page on the client’s website with more than  200,000 views in just 2 days.

Experiential campaigns such as this are comprised of a number of non-traditional components and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. Here’s an overview of a few elements we focused on:

Set Design + Construction

Screenshot 2014-11-10 17.08.57

We designed and constructed a set centered around a large milk-bowl and raised platform from which a human-sized Cinnamon Toast Crunch square was periodically blasted with “cinnamon” and “dunked” into the bowl. Special set considerations included a primary “cinnamon meter”, secondary activation indicators, and the cinnamon blaster design and function. These were designed for optimal viewing on a live-streaming web video.

Costume Design:


Screenshot 2014-11-10 17.08.45

We sourced the design and fabrication of human-sized Cinnamon Toast Crunch square costumes and actors to fill them. These characters populated the set and played out on-set activations throughout the entirety of the live event.

On-Set Activations


Periodically throughout the engagement, in-game accomplishments online triggered real-world activations on our physical set. These included the primary cinnamon blast and milk bowl dunk and secondary intermediate activations.

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Mobile Future’s 2013 Mobile Year in Review Video


It’s our favorite time of year – when all of the crazy facts from the world’s internet use come alive in infographics and clever videos to show us how much time we spent online. Check out our own edition to 2013’s recaps below with the annual Mobile Year in Review 2013 for Mobile Future on the biggest trends in mobile in 2013. If you’re left wanting more, you can watch the Mobile Year in Review 2010, 2011 and 2012 too!

Oh and why wouldn’t we spend 4,500,000,000 hours on Spotify? And really, what did that Fox say? We love recap season!

Announcing The Mobileys produced by Mobile Future

Announcing The Mobileys

We’re thrilled to introduce The Mobileys, a brand new competition that rewards entrepreneurs who look to inspire change through mobile innovation, produced by Mobile Future and conceptualized/ designed by iStrategyLabs. The Mobileys seeks to discover an individual or early stage startup that recently launched or plans to launch their mobile app, service or other product within the next six months. Submissions should be cutting-edge, creative “game changers” that use mobile in unprecedented ways to positively impact our lives.

Winners will receive cash prizes of up to $10,000 and be invited to demo their product in Washington, DC in December 2013.

Think you have what it takes?

Prove it:

Introducing Nickelodeon’s Internet Controlled SpongeBob Skill Crane for Facebook!


nickelodeon_pkThe time has come to announce our latest Social Machines™ powered project, custom built for Nickelodeon. Presenting, The SpongeBob SquarePants Skill Crane!

Head over and play it now from 5pm-10pm EST August 19th – 30th before reading another word.




A Skill Crane?

Yes, a skill crane. Not just any skill crane, but one controled by you over the internet on Facebook!

Our previous post provided a sneak peak at some of the hardware we were using and building to make this crane a reality. Check out the following behind the scenes shots of the physical machine.




SBSP_craneSpongebob Shellabration