Content Producer (Auto/Lifestyle Focus)

As a content writer, you take risks and are driven by the opportunities to make a difference. You’re excited to create compelling content and get it out to the masses, and you know you’re the best storyteller to do so. Does this sound like you? We want to meet you!

Washington, DC
We are seeking a gifted storyteller who consistently and reliably generates new content ideas to move the needle on our clients’ social campaigns. You’re a highly self-motivated, strong communicator and you develop on-brand and compelling copy with very minimal supervision. You love working with strategists to uncover the key topics that resonate with your audience, then you grab the wheel and produce fantastic copy with the key goals and insights in mind. In short, you’re a one (wo)man content creation machine.
Minimum 2-3 years of copywriting/journalistic experience, 1-2 years of experience in a social media creation lifecycle, preferably in the automotive industry
The Perfect Candidate
  • Is a strong conceptual thinker with a passion for social media
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of the social ecosystem and content operations (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums, etc.)
  • Has exceptional creative writing, storytelling and brainstorming skills
  • Has exemplary editing skills and almost scary attention to detail
  • Can demonstrate experience creating for various digital & social formats and sees emerging platforms as an opportunity to tell stories in new and meaningful ways
  • Understands best practices in Social Media platforms/audiences and can translate that into an effective work
  • Is self-directed and naturally curious with the commitment to produce results quickly
  • Has experience working with integrated marketing campaigns, preferably on automotive or lifestyle brands
  • Stays current with pop culture and taps into these planned and unplanned events
  • Keeps up to date with emerging Social platforms and trends
  • Has the ability to thrive in a fast paced, team environment
  • Keeps their cool and sense of humor under pressure

Associate Creative Director

ISL seeks an Associate Creative Director with the talent, experience and poise to deliver stunning creative concepts.

A little bit about you: You have impeccable taste, razor-sharp communication skills and are a highly-seasoned designer. Pushing the envelope comes naturally to you, and you have a knack for encouraging your fellow team members to step up their game. You’re comfortable overseeing a variety of projects and collaborating across departments to ensure a finished product that makes the competition swoon and exceeds client expectations (but not their budget). You have a track record of transforming projects from “good to great” without having to touch a mouse. You are bright, engaging and can represent the best of ISL both internally and in the eyes of our clients and public stakeholders. You’re a leader. You’re a mentor. You’re all around awesome.

Washington, D.C
You can handle a wide variety of creative projects simultaneously: websites (from immersive, narrative-driven marketing sites to interface-heavy applications); short video productions and motion graphics pieces; you can write scripts and a great headline; your brand identity chops are strong and refined.
5-10 years in a creative leadership role (at least 3 years in a digital agency environment).
The Perfect Candidate
  • You are an extremely compelling presenter.
  • You can manage a small team of designers, strategists and technologists from project kick-off to launch.
  • You value UX and are a believer in the importance of a diligent, focused design process.
  • You are able to distill complex problems into actionable tasks and delegate responsibilities clearly.
  • You have the confidence to make tough decisions and prioritize short-term vs long-term goals without losing speed.
  • You are capable of guiding more junior designers and inspiring them to produce their very best work.
  • You have a preternatural awareness for current trends and best practices in a variety of digital media.
  • You have extensive real-world, client-facing agency experience.
  • You are good at selling your ideas and explaining design rationale to a client.
  • You are a cool person. You cannot be lame.

Operations Manager

ISL is looking for a savvy Operations Manager to help manage the hardware/software/facilities of a ~80 person (and growing) digital agency. As MacGyver is retired, we’re looking elsewhere. You’d be responsible for network and hardware maintenance and expansion, asset and issue/task management, and a constant set of unique, special, creative projects. You’ll learn a ton and be surrounded by other inspiringly creative, hard-working people.

Washington, DC
You will be our backbone, maintain and bolster our growing staff’s IT capabilities, master our information technology and strategies, and bring your own flair to the party. Highly organized, detail-oriented, incredibly thorough and diligent. You enjoy working alongside people, managing and upgrading a process, and seeing something through to completion without much oversight. You’ll solve our IT problems and do the impossible, make people love their technology.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Not shy about helping people, being a team player, and the unique challenges IT brings
  • Organized, task focused, doesn’t leave work on the table
  • Can manage and help update our JIRA ticketing systems
  • Knowledgeable of inventory and asset management systems
  • Brings ideas to the table to help further harden our network and infrastructure security
  • Flexible and readily willing to take on the unique ISL challenges of administrative and facilities support, and special projects

Junior Creative Strategist

You’ll create killer social and experiential campaign concepts for Fortune 500 brands, non-profits and for internal projects. You’ll manage and create chaos masterfully. You’ll have fun and work hard. Your friends will be jealous.

Washington DC
Social Media Management, Writing, and Ideation. Highly organized, detail-oriented, incredibly thorough and diligent.
0-3 years experience. Must be super social media savvy. Retail or CPG marketing experience a plus.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Is incredibly smart, charismatic and a natural networker/conversationalist
  • Is an entrepreneurial fountain of ridiculously good ideas
  • Is not satisfied with good enough—will stop at nothing to crush it
  • Is a great writer
  • Is obsessed with social media and wants to learn more
  • Bonuses: Knows how to produce content for web distribution (photos, videos, vines, blog posts etc.)

Senior Creative Strategist (Social Media Focus)

Account and team lead for social media clients in Fortune 500 retail and CPG brands. Covers all day-to-day aspects of account and team management to execute social media strategy across content production and publishing, community management and customer service, and regular reporting and analysis.

Washington, DC
You're an effective and dedicated team leader. Highly organized, detail-oriented, incredibly thorough and diligent. Strategy-focused and results-oriented. You can manage big, complicated projects and clients with ease and stay poised under pressure. You love working with people, managing teams and processes, providing mentorship, recognize great work and don't shy away from delivering constructive and critical feedback. You solve problems and resolve conflicts elegantly, simply and efficiently.
7-10 years relevant agency or in-house (client-side) experience managing Fortune 500 clients. Team management of 15+ people across multiple departments including content production, community management and customer service, data analysis and reporting. Retail or CPG marketing experience a plus.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Manages day-to-day client relationship and account maintenance.
  • Works with clients to proactively guide social media strategy and implementation.
  • Manages strategy and creative team of 20+ people to cover all aspects of day-to-day content production and publishing, social media community management, and regular data analysis and reporting.
  • Continuously evaluates, refines and manages internal production processes to reach full potential in execution of social media strategy.
  • Develops and refines high-level social media marketing strategy and tactics, as well as campaign concepts and execution that supplement regular retainer work and support overall social media strategy.
  • Oversees development, implementation and execution of client Social Media Strategy.
  • Coordinates content creation by production and creative teams for ~5 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) across 10+ Brands under a single account.
  • Coordinates, evaluates and manages implementation of social media engagement process and response across social media channels.
  • Reviews and refines regular reports on social media performance for client delivery and internal evaluation.
  • Consistently reviews and and refines process and creative implementation to optimize social media strategy execution.

Community Manager

Are you incredibly outgoing, empathetic, and understanding — ready to provide amazing social community management, engagement, and customer service with lots of hustle, the patience of a saint and steady skills of a long-range pilot? We want to meet you! ISL is looking for a social media Community Manager to monitor and engage enterprise level social media channels and provide an excellent customer experience. Availability to work outside of normal business hours (evenings, weekends) may be needed on occasion. ISL works with all Community Manager staff to set a regular and manageable work schedule.

Washington, DC
Customer Service, Social Media Management, Team Leadership, Infinite Patience, Understanding & Empathy
1 - 5 years: Customer service in digital and social media, retail, public relations, hospitality, or service industry.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Monitors social media and digital channels for brand engagement.
  • Engages proactively with positive mentions, interactions, and influencers.
  • Catalogs and develops ongoing influencer relationships and contact databases.
  • Builds, fosters, and engages fan communities (mostly B2C) on digital channels.
  • Measures success based on established metrics (ex. - response time, sentiment).
  • Follows and implements established community management processes per client.
  • Responds in the distinct brand voice and tone to customers in digital and social channels.
  • Assists in contest and sweepstakes implementation.
  • As needed: Responds and escalates customer service issues.
  • As needed: Partners with client in-house customer service teams to implement internal processes.
  • As needed: Develops and implements emergency response and crisis communication protocols.

UX Architect

ISL is looking for a UX professional who has 1-3 years of experience to join the growing UX team. You should be someone who has a love for organization, detail, and precision, but also has amazing patience and listening skills.

In order to make sure we’re building the right components for our products you shouldn’t be afraid of working in a team environment and be comfortable sharing your ideas early and often.

If this job sounds like the right fit for you please contact us with your UX portfolio or something that shows your love for process and user research.

Washington, DC
Knowledge of and experience building user flows, sitemaps, and wireframes in Omnigraffle
1-3 years of experience in UX
The Perfect Candidate
  • Always has the end user in mind when designing the infrastructure of any product
  • Should enjoy solving and articulating complex ideas and concepts to teammates and clients
  • Has great communication and listening skills
  • Should have a personable and disarming personality in order to help facilitate user testing
  • Would be a plus but not required: some front-end skills (JS, HTML, CSS)

Interactive Designer

ISL is on the hunt for a (supremely) talented interactive designer to join our 14-person design team. You’ll help to design lush websites, beautiful-yet-functional interfaces, expansive web applications, native iOS apps and more. Front-end skills are a huge plus; deep knowledge of current web technology and tools is a must.

We’re working on projects for Fortune 500′s while also building our own products and projects we find interesting. Join us.

Washington, DC
An undisputed gift for designing for screens. HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills a huge plus.
1 year of agency or freelance web and interface work, or a very strong web portfolio of personal projects.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Is as good as they are passionate, and as passionate as they are good
  • Studied design in undergrad
  • Wants to make their mark on the words as a true craftsman
  • Has real-world, client-facing experience
  • Is a believer in the importance of a diligent, focused design process
  • Is good at selling their ideas / explaining design thinking to a client
  • Is a cool person. You cannot be lame.

Front-End Engineer

No ninjas or rockstars need apply. iStrategyLabs is looking for a skilled, hard-working front-end engineer to help build amazing experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world.

We move quickly. We are not married to any particular set of technologies, but we do utilize Angular, jQuery, Gulp, Sass, Jasmine and browserify for our front end stack. Our CSS is BEM’d out and we live and die by component based development. We have a JavaScript style guide and we use it. We are a down-to-earth, hardworking team that’s not afraid of a challenge. We listen to each other, we respect each other, and we really like each other. We push one another to make great things. We’re looking for someone who shares and believes in these same ideals.

We’re small, but growing quickly, so we’re still working out the best ways to stay fast and collaborate easily while keeping a solid footing. We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can work together even better. You’ll inspire us with new approaches to tough problems, and we’ll inspire you with some of the most daring client work around.

If this job sounds like something you’d enjoy, drop us a line below and let us know why. Please make sure to include a link to a GitHub account and a portfolio or resume.

Washington, DC
JavaScript, HTML, Sass (and CSS), Angular, Gulp, Jasmine
Ideally, you have a deep background in traditional web development in addition to having launched a number of production websites using client-side MVC frameworks. You've successfully led the front-end development process for numerous large-scale client builds.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Has a deep understanding of the JavaScript language. We do utilize jQuery, but you should be comfortable working outside of that context
  • Writes clear, clean, semantic HTML
  • Has an eye for design
  • Takes fancy photoshop documents and creates their mirror image in any browser
  • Obsesses over performance
  • Has an opinion about promises vs callbacks
  • Is always looking to learn something new

Software Engineer in Test

ISL is looking for a talented Software Engineer to join our growing fifteen-person development team. You’ll help build applications that power digital campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, using the best technology for the job. You’ll have fun.

As a Software Engineer in Test, you will be responsible for creating and implementing end-to-end test plans, setting up test environments, developing automated tests, and analyzing test results. In addition you’ll hold and facilitate test plan / test case reviews with cross-functional team members and work with the development team to ensure issues are addressed. Who doesn’t like to tell developers when their code is broken? By helping make the development process more productive, you’ll ensure that projects ship on time and are of the utmost quality.

We are a down-to-earth, hardworking team that’s not afraid of a challenge. We listen to each other, we respect each other, and we really like each other. We push one another to make great things. We’re looking for someone who shares and believes in these same ideals.

If this job sounds like something you’d enjoy, drop us a line below and let us know why. Please make sure to include a link to a GitHub account and a resume.

Washington, DC
Some of the tools and technologies we use every day include: Python/Django, PHP/WordPress, SASS, Node.js/Express/, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS/S3, GitHub. You should know enough about these tools to be able to review functional and design specifications to ensure full understanding of individual deliverables.
You should have experience testing complex systems and effectively communicating the results.
The Perfect Candidate
  • Is a clear communicator (written and verbal) to ensure ability to write test plans and test cases and communicate bugs to developers and other stakeholders.
  • Can focus on deadlines and deliverables in order to track down the bad defects and bugs quickly.
  • Has the ability to think abstractly and not conform to the norm; norms do not expose bugs quickly.
  • Is looking to help inspire, build, and learn from a team that strives for the best possible quality in our work.

The Wild Card

ISL is made up of five teams – each of which is related to Operations, Marketing, Design, Strategy and Engineering respectively. Many of us cross over one or more of these teams in terms of skills and passions. We’re all aligned by delivering great work for Fortune 500 clients and on inventing new things we love.

The Wild Card might join one of these teams – or span them. We’re not sure. What we’re looking for is someone who is devastatingly creative, insightful, and energetic with a technical orientation.

Submit for this role if you’re…well…a wild card that doesn’t fit the typical boxes of life.

Dupont Circle, Washington DC
Just one: being able to absorb the chaos of the world and distil it into amazingness
Startup or Agency experience required
The Perfect Candidate
  • Is technical - understands code, APIs and how web things work - but is not necessarily a dev
  • Is a design-thinker but is not necessarily a designer
  • Is a terrific writer and expresser of ideas
  • Can sell people on their vision like a pro
  • Has tons of relationships with interesting creative/technically oriented people

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