New Infographic Examines How Much We’re Really Paying in Taxes For Cell Phone Service


In the spirit of tax season, iStrategyLabs created an infographic for Mobile Future revealing just how much we’re paying for wireless broadband to power our mobile devices. “Wireless Taxes” highlights the latest stats and facts around tax rates and economic growth as they relate to US taxes.

Some key stats included below:

  • In the last 10 years, wireless taxes grew almost 4x faster than general sales taxes.
  • If wireless was taxed like general goods, American wireless users would save a whopping $15 billion in taxes each year.
  • Tanning and beer — taxed at 10% and 9.2%, respectively — are taxed at lower rates than wireless.

Full infographic below:


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Props to Sarah Sugarman for the incredible infographic and to Zach Kahn for helping us out!

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