Announcing Social Machines™: Physical Objects + Social Data

A few months back we experimented with the combination of a bit of python script, an Arduino board, and the FourSquare API to create a way to open a locked box via a simple check-in on Foursquare. Our excitement and interest in combining physical and social continued as we began working with Ford during DCWEEK on a number of activations – the most famous of which is now the Ford Tweeting Cake.

We think these kinds of hacks – what we call Social Machines™ – are the most interesting application of all the disciplines here at iStrategyLabs. We take strategy + creative + technology + experience and BAM!= you get an incredible way to engage people.

Today we’re adding Social Machines™ to our official iStrategyLabs product offering and will be playing with internal and client projects of this kind of over the next few months. Our latest prototype – the Foursquare Cooler – is below for your viewing pleasure along with other vids of our experimental Social Machines™. If you like building these or want one for a campaign, email me here.

6 Responses to “Announcing Social Machines™: Physical Objects + Social Data”

  1. What happened to the 6th beer? ;)

  2. ryan owens says:

    love it, can already see the varied applications: unlocking doors to clubs, unlocking doors to private rooms inside clubs, and unlocking and starting my car after I lose my keys while getting thrown out of private rooms of clubs… the possibilities are endless.

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