Talent Crunch: How America is Falling Behind

I’m amazed to learn that America is only graduating about 15,000 computer science majors per year (see the full report below). The demand for talent of this kind nationally has got to be 3-4x that.  There is our gap – call it 50,000 high paying gigs that our tech companies can’t fill. Perhaps StartupVisa (more from Tech Crunch) will pass someday and “sort of” fix this. Perhaps CodeNow can teach a generation of kids to code.

Maybe college kids will stop studying things that have no hope of employing them and adding meaningfully to our economy (like finance – and all these other majors). I wouldn’t put my money on it though. The incentive to learn meaningful engineering skills are clearly lacking. Who’s got the answer? Anyone have a solid plan for encouraging more Computer Science majors in this country?

2 Responses to “Talent Crunch: How America is Falling Behind”

  1. Anyone notice on the list of top ten that 9 of them (Texas being the exception) voted for Obama in the election? High paying jobs in those liberal states must be evil! #GOPMuppetHearings

  2. JeffA says:

    The really “amazing” thing is that despite the shortage of talent to fill demand, salaries are increasing very slowly in tech occupations nationwide. In a free market, if demand far exceeds supply, prices increase. So what’s depressing wages in the tech sector?