Washingtonian Tech Titans 2011: The Missing Names

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While, I’m honored to be included again in this year’s Washingtonian Tech Titan’s list — billed as the 100 leaders of Washington’s Tech World — there’s never enough room, or enough time, to find all those who should be included.

I personally would give up my spot as the “founder of Twin Tech” — a cocktail party — for any of the following people. As with any list, mine too is limited. So, I’ll just list a few people along with the full article below which was ripped off the Washingtonian’s server by someone and passed around Facebook in typical hacker style. Here goes:

Some of the missing Washingtonian Tech Titans:

  1. Shane Green, CEO of Personal
  2. Kevin Dewalt, Organizer, DC Lean Startup Circle
  3. Pete Erickson, Organizer, MoDevDC and Disruptathon
  4. Vijay Ravindran, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, The Washington Post Company
  5. Alex Howard, O’Reilly Media Gov 2.0 Correspondent
  6. Matt Fellows, CEO, HelloWallet
  7. Elana Fine, Director of Venture Investments, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
  8. Shana Glickfield, Partner, Beekeeper Group
  9. Marci Harris, CEO, PopVox
  10. Heather Blanchard, Founder, CrisisCommons
  11. Sean Greene, Associate Administrator for Investment and Special Adviser for Innovation, SBA
  12. Mark Drapeau, Director of Innovative Social Engagement, Microsoft
  13. Patrick Svenburg, Director, Platform Strategy, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft
  14. Jonathan Aberman, Amplifier Ventures / FounderCorps / TechStorm
  15. Banafsheh Ghassemi, VP, Marketing – ECRM & Customer Experience, The American Red Cross

There’s many more. More people deserving of recognition than me…who merely founded a cocktail party (my more complete bio is here).

Here’s the full list of some really dynamite individuals who I’m so fortunate to know and work with every day.

I’ve taken the list down per the Washingtonian’s request. Buy the magazine to see the full details or read the teaser here!

7 Responses to “Washingtonian Tech Titans 2011: The Missing Names”

  1. C. Scyphers says:

    Hear, hear on Kevin DeWalt!

  2. Joe Corbett says:

    How did I get left off the actual list and then the follow up list? I’ll have you know that while I helped iStrategyLabs grow furiously throughout 2010/2011 I managed to collect every star in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Can any other COO in the region make that claim? I think not. :-)

  3. You were robbed, Joe. Robbed.

  4. Dave Haft says:

    LOL about the Washingtonian and Joe.

  5. Joe was definitely robbed.

    Garrett likes to say all of us who feel slighted being left off his list can consider ourselves #101. Hmmmmm. If we are left off 2 years in a row, does that make us #201?

  6. Beth says:

    I’m still scratching my head wondering why Alan Rosenblatt of CAP isn’t on these lists?

  7. corbett3000 says:

    @Beth you’re totally right. I could probably at 15 more….perhaps I will! :)