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Need a smart team to figure out a big problem or capture a great opportunity? Our strategy team is the glue that binds creative and technology amazingness.

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Whether online or off, our creative approaches dazzle and engage. From design, to animation and physical construction the design team will ‘bring the pretty’ as they say.

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From Facebook apps, to Twitter bots and mobile experiences – we’re here to hack the world for you!

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Our work gets results. We craft campaigns, websites, apps, animations, social strategy and multi-day festivals. Everyday, we invent solutions that make for happy clients. Take a look for yourself.

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Number of Fortune 100 clients who have worked with iStrategyLabs

While ISL is a boutique shop that’s bootstrapped itself into existence during The Great Recession, that didn’t stop us from finding great partnerships with some of the world’s best-known brands. We’re often hired to shake things up a bit with our corporate clients – and they know they’ll always get the best work from our passionate team.

Full Client List

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Percent Increase Achieved in Honest Tea’s Facebook Likes in 1 day

The much loved organic beverage company, Honest Tea, asked us to help them bring their Honest Cities initiative to the social web. The resulting experiment to test peoples honesty online and off,  exploded across the web and twelve cities across the USA  in an action packed, one day campaign. The buzz spilled over onto the Today Show and into hundreds of blog posts, thousands of tweets and a massive bump in their Facebook fans.

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Number of beers dispensed from the GE Social Fridge at SXSW

What happens when you hack an antique fridge so teams of 10 friends are required to unlock it to get the free beer inside? A lot of check-ins, tweets and blog posts about the activation. Check out the GE Social Fridge project we executed at SXSW 2012.

Project Details

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Number of combined views of our Mobile Year in Review animations

Content creation and social distribution are core services of iStrategyLabs. When Mobile Future wanted to build a following among the tech-geek community, they asked us for help. We came up with a recurring series called the Mobile Year in Review which we release each year.

Visit the 2011 Project Recap

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Number of Facebook Users Virally Reached for Embassy Suites Hotels in 1 Day

As masters of Facebook application development, social media marketing and sweepstakes we’re pretty good at estimating how well a campaign will do based on its structure. The Embassy Suites Hotels 366 Days of More Campaign blew away all our expectations – achieving the full campaign goal in the first day.

Project Recap